Terms And Conditions

  1. These Terms & Conditions (including our Policy on Privacy and Data Protection) govern the collection and use of Points and set out the terms of the contract between Agent Points ("us/we") and each Member Agent. An Agent can register with the Agent Points collection programme ('Agent Points') by applying on the Agent Points website and can then earn Points on their relevant bookings. If you apply to register with Agent Points you accept these Terms & Conditions. We may refuse an application for any good reason.

  2. The Agent Points programme is governed by the laws and the jurisdiction of the courts of Republic of S.A.

  3. All Member Agents must have a resident address in South Africa or Namibia. Changes of address must be notified to us. Member Agents must be over 18 years of age.

  4. All Member Agents may only participate in Agent Points if and whilst they are members of Sure Travel and Uniglobe Travel.

  5. Agent Points are obliged if requested to disclose to SARS full details of any member Agent redeeming points. Any Member Agent collecting points on behalf of a group must be aware that the tax liability will rest with the individual Member Agent making the claim and redeeming the points. It is the responsibility of the Member Agent to inform Agent Points of any change in circumstance including company, home address etc. Participating Agents are obliged to declare the benefits on their annual tax returns if and when required by law.

  6. Agent Points has Partners through whom you earn Points. We award Points when one of our Partners confirms that the Member Agent has undertaken a relevant transaction with them. Agent Points' Suppliers are companies with whom a Member Agent can redeem Points to obtain goods and services ('Rewards'). These participating companies may change - an up to date list of Partners and Suppliers is available from us at any time. Partners determine the particular transactions on which Points can be earned and the number of Points to be earned. There is a set number of Points needed to obtain a Reward. We cannot control every specific change in the participating companies or their offers but we will ensure that while Agent Points is in operation a range of offers is available.

  7. All Rewards are subject to availability. Transactions on which Points are earned or redeemed are made directly with the relevant Partner or Supplier and we have no responsibility for the delivery, standard, quality or otherwise of any goods and services received or supplied or the failure of a Supplier to honour redemption or make a specific Reward available. If any postage/courier or other delivery charges, costs or fees are incurred, it will be done on your behalf and will be for your account. These transactions and all Rewards are subject to all applicable legal rules and the terms and conditions (including booking requirements, cancellation restrictions, return conditions, warranties and limitations of liability) of the Partner or Supplier. When Points are redeemed we may act as intermediary between the relevant Member Agent and the Supplier and we will do what we can to ensure such Rewards are supplied by the relevant Supplier. However any right of recourse you may have is exclusive against the Supplier only and Agent Points provides no warranty or guarantee and accepts no liability of any kind whatsoever.

  8. Agent Points will use its best endeavours to ensure that all rewards' claims are fulfilled within 14 days of the purchase transaction date.

  9. Points cannot be redeemed until claimed by the Member Agent in their Points Account (This you open when you sign on) and authorised by our Partners. Partners will take different periods to authorise Points claimed. We are not responsible for a failure, delay or error by a Partner notifying us of Points authorised.

  10. Points expire 36 months after registration the Points earned and unused in the first twelve month period will expire. Thereafter, after 36 months on the anniversary of your registration the oldest twelve months Points will expire annually. The points are lost if the relevant Member Agent's Points Account is closed or the Agent Points programme ends or your membership of Sure Travel is terminated for whatever reason.

  11. Redeemed Points cannot be used again. If a transaction on which Points are issued or redeemed is cancelled, reversed or not completed, we will reverse the associated Points movement when instructed by the Partner or Supplier. If insufficient Points are available, or we suspect fraud or misconduct, Rewards may be refused or cancelled.

  12. A Member Agent who continues to collect will be able to check their Points position on the Agent Points Website. This will be the position as we know it on the date the Member Agent checks his/her Points Account, including the Points collected and redeemed by such Member Agent. We will correct a Member Agent's Account if it is shown to our reasonable satisfaction to be wrong but, unless there are clear records showing this, our decision is final.

  13. Points are personal to a Member Agent's Account and cannot be transferred.

  14. Only the Member Agent who made the booking that is eligible for Points can claim the Points unless otherwise agreed in advance with Agent Points and written consent provided. Such consent may be withheld in the sole discretion of Agent Points.

  15. Points can only be earned, held, or redeemed as set out in these Terms & Conditions. Any other use, award, sale, exchange or transfer of Points, or attempt to do so, is a serious breach of these Terms & Conditions and may result in the points being forfeited. Any Points not earned and held in accordance with these Terms & Conditions will be invalid and cannot be redeemed for Rewards. Any such Points on a Member Agent's Account will be deducted and, if they are redeemed, we will ask the Supplier to cancel the relevant Rewards and we may take other appropriate action. Points from more than one Member Agent Points Account cannot be combined to redeem for the same Reward. Points have no cash value.

  16. Our Policy on Electronic Communication and Transaction (which is part of these Terms & Conditions) sets out the information that we will gather on Member Agents, how this information will be used and who it may be shared with. We will comply with our Privacy Statement - every Member Agent should read it carefully. If a Member Agent notifies us that they do not wish to receive marketing information from us or be contacted by us for promotional purposes in connection with Agent Points and/or by participating companies we will comply with such request and pass on any relevant request to participating companies. If for any reason we need to transfer personal information outside the Southern Africa for a specific purpose, we will ensure that it is treated to RSA standards.

  17. We may close any Member Agent's Account on which no Points have been earned or redeemed for a continuous period of at least 12 months. We may also, on notifying the Member Agent, immediately suspend or terminate the rights of any Member Agent, and/or close any relevant Member Agent's Account, if they breach these Terms & Conditions, if we reasonably believe that they have dealt with Points in a manner not permitted by these Terms & Conditions or any applicable Partner's terms and conditions, if there is any theft from or misconduct in connection with us, any Partner or Supplier, if they supply false or misleading information to us or if they are abusive or offensive to any member of our staff. A Member Agent can close his/her Member Agent Points Account at any time by notifying us. If a Member Agent's Points Account is closed everyone's rights to redeem Points from that Account are lost.

  18. We may make changes to these Terms & Conditions and will give Member Agents as much notice as we reasonably can. Earning or redeeming Points on a Member Agent's Account will constitute acceptance of the revised Terms & Conditions. We may suspend or terminate Agent Points but will give as much notice as we reasonably can before we do so. If this happens all Member Agents' Accounts will be suspended or terminated. If we sell or transfer Agent Points to another company we may transfer all of our rights and obligations under these Terms & Conditions without any further consent and may disclose or transfer all information we hold about Member Agents to a prospective or actual new owner. Such a disclosure or transfer will not alter the rights of such Member Agents in respect of the use that can be made of such information by such other company.

  19. There is a limit of a maximum of 5,000 points being redeemed for rewards excluding travel products, by a Member Agent in any one calendar month.

  20. These terms include Privacy Policy above and the Frequently Asked Question, both of which you will be deemed to have read, understood and agree to be bound by.

You can contact us by logging onto our website, www.agentpoints.co.za, or by emailing Agent Points Info desk: info@agentpoints.co.za.